Guidance notes for Application for a Teacher Certification Bonded Loan


The Teacher Certification Bonded Loan provides financial support to Bermudians resident in Bermuda who are enrolled in an approved distance-learning Teacher Certification Programme; who are currently working in the Public School system under exemption status granted by the BEC Exemption Committee and who are on-track to successfully completing their certification programme.  The Applicant is responsible for the repayment of all funds within a two-year period once they are employed full-time with the Bermuda Public School System.


The Teacher Certification Bonded Loan is valued at up to $4,800 per month for 3 months (length of 12-week practicum) to be repaid under the terms and conditions of the Teacher Certification Bonded Loan agreement. (Applicant has the option to determine an amount up to $4,800 per month.)


The Bonded Loan is tenable only during the 12-week practicum teaching period as required for the completion of a Teacher Certification Programme. 

Application Requirements

To be considered, you must follow the application instructions and ensure that your application is complete with all information requested.   


In order to apply, you must be: 

  • A Bermudian and reside locally; 
  • 25 years of age or older;  
  • Already enrolled in an approved long-distance Teaching Certification Programme (TCP); 
  • Pursuing an area of study needed in the public school system*; 
  • Able to show proof of approval from the school principal where you will be undertaking your 12-week practicum, the dates it will take place, and the name of the Master Level Teacher who will be supervising your practicum; 
  • Able to effect a bond signed by two guarantors, both of whom must be Bermudian, over the age of 21 years but not older than 70 years, and, only one of whom may be a parent. 

*Teaching Areas of Need in Bermuda Public Schools 

The content and specialist teaching areas identified are:  

Senior School 

  • English Language Arts 
  • Social Studies 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science (General, Biology, Physics, Chemistry) 
  • Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, French) 
  • Design and Technology 

All School Levels 

  • Reading 
  • Physical Education 
  • Music 
  • Special Education   
    • Mild to moderate exceptionalities 
    • Moderate to severe exceptionalities

Application Checklist

Required Documents: 

  • Proof currently enrolled in an approved TCP, name of institution, programme of study with transcripts reflecting coursework 
  • Personal reference letter (signed and dated no more than two years prior to your application date) 
  • Professional reference letter (signed and dated no more than two years prior to your application date) 
  • Official signed letter from the school principal agreeing to you undertaking the 12-week practicum at the school  and the Supervisor assigned during the 12-week practicum 
  • Proof of Bermuda status 
  • Response to questions for wanting to enter the Teaching Profession 

In its discretion, the Ministry of Education may ask you for additional documents to help support your application.  

Application Questions

Note: Applicants cannot be employed by the Department of Education while completing the 12-week practicum

If you have any questions, send the Ministry of Education an email by clicking here

  • Teacher Certification Bonded Loan Application

  • The Teacher Certification Bonded Loan provides financial support to Bermudians resident in Bermuda who are enrolled in an approved distance-learning Teacher Certification Programme. 

    The applicant is responsible for the repayment of all funds over a two-year period once they are employed with the Bermuda Public School System.  

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              Note: The 2 years repayment plan option is not applicable for Category 1.