• Customs Automated Processing System (CAPS) Identification Number Application Form

  • All importers and exporters of goods whether gifts or otherwise must apply for a Customs Automated Processing System Identification Number (CAPS ID).  This CAPS ID is unique to each importer and must be quoted on any Bermuda Customs Declarations (BCD) presented to the Customs Department. A colour copy of your valid identification must be submitted with your CAPS ID application.

    For inquiries the CAPS Team can be reached via email capshelpdesk@gov.bm or by calling 278-7446

  • New CAPS ID Applications and Amendments

  • Primary Contact Information

  • If you are a minor (less than 18 years of age) your CAPS ID application must be completed and submitted by your parent or legal guardian.

  • Please scan and upload your Government Issued Valid color Photo ID to the field below. If you cannot scan, you can also take a photo of your ID.

  • Filename
    • Please list below any contacts that you would like to have associated with your CAPS ID. Please indicate with a “Yes” which two additional contacts you would like to receive CAPS response messages.