• Exemption for Large Gatherings

  • Large Group Exemption Application

    In accordance with the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport may grant exemptions permitting a group of more than 50 persons to assemble, subject to any conditions imposed by the Minister to ensure COVID-19 public health measures and protocols are implemented.

    Applications for a Large Group Exemption must be submitted through this online form. The process is guided by the Large Group Exemption Process and Guidance.

    Applicants should submit applications 30 working days (6 weeks) before an event. Processing time can be 15 working days (3 weeks) from receipt of all required documents. Complex events (multi-event, multi-date) will take longer to process. A site visit may be required. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Do not state ‘not applicable’ or ‘N/A’ for any field. All fields apply to all events and all questions must be answered.

    Emergency applications are only considered for funerals, wakes and union meetings. These will be processed in 5 working days from receipt of all required documents, and must meet all criteria and public health measures.

    Please provide all information as incomplete applications cannot be processed. The online application must be completed in one session and takes at least 30 minutes to complete or more. Before you begin your application make sure you have all the information required including:

    • A site map as described below
    • The signed Facility Operator letter confirming knowledge of the Covid-19 Public Health protocols and agreement to comply with those requirements

    For queries email largegroup@gov.bm or call 294-9146

    Commercial boats do not need an exemption but are limited to the number of passengers specified in the licence issued under the Marine Board (Island Boats) Regulations 1965, provided appropriate physical distancing is maintained an public health guidance is followed at all times.

    Applications for Trusted Establishment status have additional specific guidance and requirements. Please follow these Guidance Notes and upload the required Capacity Chart fully completed.

  • Event Information

  • Applications must be made no less than 30 working days / 6 weeks from the event date unless it is a funeral, wake or union meeting. We cannot guarantee that events occurring less than 6 weeks from the application date will be processed in time.

  • Please provide rationale for holding an event for a large group during a pandemic by completing this information:

  • Venue and event information

  • For events held over multiple days, provide the first event date and the last event date

  • Floor Plan/Site map(s): Prepare and attach a detailed plan/map of the event venue(s) showing all prominent physical features of the event facilities, including but not limited to:

    • Square feet of event area
    • Access and exit routes (normal and emergency)
    • Bathrooms
    • Traffic Flow – show how foot traffic move around
    • Major structures and physical features
    • If applicable: Spectator and participant areas
  • Filename
    • Number of persons to be in attendance

      Total number of participants must be no more than 50% of the normal venue capacity
    • Organizers should note that Travellers may only attend large gatherings once they have a SafeKey. See Public Health Traveller Guidance and SafeKey guidance

    • Anticipated number of participants in total at Primary Event: {totalAttendance}

    • Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan

      Please indicate the operational plans or protocols you will for the event(s) to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and contain it in case there is a Covid-19 case at your event(s). Please refer to the Guidance for Events and Gatherings and any guidance specific to your event, including sports, dining and guidance, for assistance.

    • Operator of the Event/Exemption Holder liable for the conditions on the Large Group Exemption as per Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021.

    • Owner of the Facility who will be liable for compliance as per Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021.

    • Filename
      • Public Liability Insurance Coverage for the Event

        By signing below, I/we declare that the information provided in this application for a Large Group Exemption contains all required and necessary details and is true to my/our best knowledge and belief.

        I/we shall abide by all regulations issued under the Public Health Act 1949 (“Act”), the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021, and the Public Health (Covid-19) Regulations 2020, and any guidance or instructions.  I/we acknowledge that the Government of Bermuda (“Government”) may change the Act, any regulations, guidance or instructions. 

        I/we agree that I/we am liable for all costs and expense in complying with the Act, regulations, guidance or instructions and I/we shall indemnify the Government against all costs and expense (including legal expense) I/we suffer or incur as a result of making this application.

        I/we understand that in the event of an exposure to Covid-19 at the event(s) related to this application, standard Public Health processes will apply, positive cases will be instructed to isolate and close contacts will quarantine in accordance with the Public Health (Covid-19) Regulations 2020.

      • A confirmation email will be sent once successfully submitted