• Thank you for visiting the Stay At Home Movement Exemption form.

    Attention: Please only submit this form once. 

    This form is online in support of implementing the PUBLIC HEALTH (COVID-19 EMERGENCY POWERS) (STAY AT HOME) REGULATIONS 2021. Curfew is in place from 5AM on Tuesday, April 13th until 5AM on Tuesday, April 20th.

    Only complete this form if you need to leave your home during the curfew and the travel is not any of the following:

    1. For a Medical Emergency;

    2. For a response by an essential worker to a 24 hours per day emergency call; 

    3. For a journey between 7AM & 7PM from your home to a permitted business (a grocery store, pharmacy, bank, gas station, office of a registered health professional, clinic, hospital or other health facility);

    4. For a walk or run, alone or with one other member of the same household for a maximum period of sixty minutes per day during the hours of 7am to 7pm only, remaining at all times within a distance of one kilometre from his home;

    5. To assist elderly or vulnerable relatives or neighbours, during the hours of 7am to 7pm only (except for an emergency situation);

    6. To attend an appointment at a COVID-19 testing centre or vaccination centre;

    7. To travel to a flight leaving Bermuda;

    8. Parents of a minor child who do not live together may also leave home during the curfew, between the hours of 7am and 7pm only, to take the child to stay for one or more nights at the home of the other parent to give effect to an agreement between the parents;

    9. Respond to emergency calls for supply, restoration of service or repairs for: utility supply (electricity and domestic gas); water truckers; telecommunications, computer repair and internet service providers; plumbing and electrical repairs.

    You do not need to complete this form if you are categorized as one of the following persons who are exempt from the curfew only when on official business, working or travelling to and from work, and all such persons shall carry identification at all times:

    1. All members of the House of Assembly and Senate; The staff of the Premier, Ministers and the Opposition Leader; Staff of the Legislature required when the Legislature is sitting

    2. The Deputy Governor and staff of Government House; The US Consul General and staff; Honorary Consuls.

    3. Judges of the Supreme Court, magistrates and court associates and lawyers required for any court proceedings.

    4. The Cabinet Secretary, the Head of the Public Service, the Financial Secretary and Permanent Secretaries.

    5. Members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Police Service (including the Reserve Police and Special Constables), the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, and the Department of Corrections.

    6. Any registered health professional, ambulance driver or crew, or staff of a healthcare facility (whether employed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board, registered residential care or nursing home, or otherwise), and other staff of the Bermuda Hospitals Board or the Ministry of Health.

    7. Persons working in a hotel, guest house or vacation rental property.

    8. Persons who need to attend, and travel to or from, a COVID-19 vaccination or testing centre, and persons transporting them.

    9. Funeral directors, morticians and other staff of a funeral home.

    10. Members of the Department of Customs and Department of Immigration; all staff employed at the LF Wade International Airport; passengers and crew who need to travel to and from the airport for flights during the curfew, and persons transporting them; stevedores, truckers and staff of Hamilton Docks; licensed security officers.

    11. All persons working in services listed in the First Schedule to the Labour Relations Act 1975.

    12. Members of the print or broadcast media.

    13. Members of the Department of Child and Family Services.

    14. Public officers not falling within the preceding paragraphs, as designated in writing by the Head of the Public Service, subject to any conditions or limitations included in the designation.

    15. Financial Services

      1. Persons working in the financial services sector, as designated in writing by the Minister of Finance.
      2. A Designation made under paragraph 12(1) of Schedule 1 to the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) Regulations 2021 or paragraph 13(1) of Schedule 1A to those Regulations; or made under paragraph 12(1) of Schedule 1 to the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (No. 3) Regulations 2020; or made under, or that was deemed to be valid for the purposes of, paragraph 11(1) of Schedule 1 to the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) Regulations 2020, shall be deemed to be valid for the purposes of subparagraph (1).
    16. Wholesale food suppliers, registered commercial farmers and licensed fishermen.

    17. Persons working in a hotel, guest house or vacation rental property.

    18. Teachers, IT and other support staff required at a school to facilitate remote learning.

    19. Persons providing approved supervision and organized care to children of essential services workers.

    20. Persons providing laundry services for institutions, and persons picking the laundry up from, and delivering it to, the institutions.

    21. Persons required to feed and care for animals, including those in a pet shop.

    22. Funeral directors, morticians and other staff of a funeral home.

    23. Persons engaged in courier and delivery services on behalf of Government Departments, or urgent deliveries for other essential services only and also persons engaged in Charitable Food Delivery

    24. Persons engaged to clean, maintain or repair the premises of any permitted business, or the premises of any business employing persons in Business that are permitted to operated

    Except as permitted by these Regulations, no person shall be away from his home at any time of the day or night from 5am on 13 April 2021 until these Regulations cease to have effect at 5AM April 20, 2021.

    Persons with exemptions who are in public must have a copy of Valid Driving License and or any Government issued Valid ID and confirmation of your place of employment (Letter or Work ID). If you do not have both of those items, or if you do not fit into the above groups but need to be on the roads during curfew hours, please complete the following form:

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