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Welcome to Shorelink

Bermuda’s bus and ferry system is now Shorelink! Let our iconic pink and blue buses or scenic ferries take you everywhere you want or need to go!

On July 8th, 2024, the Shorelink App will be available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores. It provides you with another quick and convenient option to purchase and use bus and ferry fares. Click “How to Use the Shorelink App” on the menu above to find detailed instructions on using the app.

Who We Are

Shorelink is the new, unified transportation brand for Bermuda’s bus and ferry system. We operate scheduled bus and ferry service on routes throughout Bermuda.

Although moving people in different ways, our buses and ferries share the same general purpose; transporting people safely to the places they want or need to go. Ride with us as we build a seamless public transportation option for Bermuda’s residents and visitors, one trip at a time.

There are 11 bus routes and 4 ferry routes. Bus and Ferry service operates 7 days a week including on public holidays. For bus and ferry schedules, please click here.

Bus stops are identified by pink and blue poles. Pink poles indicate service inbound to the City of Hamilton. Blue poles indicate service outbound from the City of Hamilton. Ferry stops are identified by signage.

Though branded jointly, the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) operates bus service and the Department of Marine and Ports operates the ferry service.

How to Purchase Fares

Shorelink offers several options for passengers to purchase and use fares on buses and ferries. The Shorelink App is a new and exciting way to purchase fares wherever and whenever you choose. Passengers can also continue to use traditional fares such as cash, paper tickets and paper passes.

The list below provides more detail on current and future fare purchasing options for Shorelink passengers.

  1. Shorelink App on Mobile Devices
    • Download the Shorelink app, purchase your fare, validate the fare just before riding and show the validated fare on your device to the bus operator or ferry crew. Click “How to Use the Shorelink App” to find detailed instructions on using the app.
  2. Cash payment
    • You can pay with cash (exact change only) on the bus or ferry.
  3. Traditional Paper Fares
    • Tokens, tickets and passes can be purchased from the kiosk at the Central Bus Terminal, The Hamilton Ferry Terminal, Post Offices, Visitor Centers and other authorized resellers.

Coming Soon

  1. Onboard payment with bank cards (Coming Soon)
    • You can pay with debit or credit cards on the bus or ferry
  2. Shorelink Disposable cards (Coming Soon)
    • Disposable paper cards that can be used for 24, 48 or 72 hours or 15 trips at a time.
  3. Shorelink Reloadable cards (Coming Soon)
    • A plastic card that you can top up through your Shorelink Account access on the web.


Shorelink uses a zonal structure for bus and ferry fares. Passengers can purchase tokens, tickets or passes depending on the length of their journey and other factors.

If using the Shorelink App, the fare structure and pricing is identical to existing fares. The App simply allows users to purchase digital versions of existing fares.

All passengers over the age of five are required to pay to use the bus and ferries. Senior Citizens resident in Bermuda and in possession of a Bermuda Special Person’s Card ride free as do other Special Persons Card holders. Resident school students (age and other restrictions may apply) with a Student’s Pass also ride free. All other Senior Citizens and Minors pay normal fares.

For detailed information on fares including pricing and purchasing options, please click here

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How to Use the Shorelink App

Convenient, Cashless, Carefree! The Shorelink App is an excellent way for all bus and ferry passengers to purchase and use fares. For instructions on how to use the app, see the QuickStart guide below or click here for a detailed guide on how to use the app. In the app itself, there are also tutorials on certain functions under the “More” page.

Shorelink App QuickStart Guide

Follow these 5 easy steps to use digital bus and ferry fares like a pro!

  1. Download the Shorelink app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create your account to use the full features of the app. If you do not wish to create an account, choose to purchase fares as a guest.
  3. Enter your payment method and buy a fare. Choose a token, ticket booklet or pass, based on your travel needs.
  4. Activate your fare when you’re boarding public transportation; the bus operator or ferry staff will visually validate your ticket. If you need to transfer, there’s no need for a paper transfer. Your fare in the app will remain valid long enough to board your next bus. Under “My tickets” and “Activated Tickets” choose validate transfer just before boarding.
  5. Enjoy the ride!

Detailed Guide for Shorelink App

  1. Download the Shorelink app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create your account to use the full features of the app. In order to create an account, a user must at a minimum provide a:
    • Email address
    • First and last name
    • Password
    • Accept the App Terms and Conditions

  3. Once the account is created, you will receive a verification email. This email contains a confirmation link. If you do not click on the confirmation link within the time limit before it expires, the account is not validated and you will be unable to make purchases. You can ask to resend the email via the error message that displays when you try to add items to your cart.
  4. For security reasons, an account can be active on only one mobile device at a time.
  5. Users with an account may choose to register their payment method with the app. This is optional but will allow for quicker purchasing of fares in the future. Navigate to “More”, “My Payment Methods” and “Add a Payment Method” to do so.
  6. If you do not wish to create an account, choose to purchase fares as a guest. Certain fares and functionality within the app may not be available to those who choose to use guest mode.
  7. Whether logged in to an account or in guest mode, the store page will display once the app is opened. Using the drop-down arrow and menu, you can review and select available fares for purchase including tickets, tokens and passes.

  8. One you identify the fare(s) you’d like to purchase, click on the icon to begin the purchase process. If necessary, adjust the quantity of fares to be purchased.
  9. Some fares (Senior’s Pass, Special Persons Pass, Child Pass) may need supporting documents. In such cases, a “supporting documents needed” text box will appear directing users to take a photo of their Special Persons Card or supporting document and to submit them within the app for Shorelink staff to review. This review does not take place immediately but will take place in a timely manner during normal business hours.

    Updates pertaining to the review can be viewed in the app under the “More” page followed by “My Documents” and “My Submissions.” An icon shows the status of each document and a system generated email is sent to the user indicating whether their request is approved or denied. 
  10. Once a fare(s) is selected for purchase, it appears in your “cart.” The cart menu can be selected and viewed on the bottom left of the app. To purchase the fare, review the terms and conditions and select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

  11. The total cost of all fares to be purchased is displayed. Click on “validate my shopping cart” and enter in your card data to complete the purchase of the fares. Note that the Shorelink App accepts Mastercard and Visa cards only.
  12. One the fare is purchased in the store; it is stored in the App wallet which is the tab labeled “My Tickets”. “My Tickets” is a generic reference and all purchased fares will appear here whether tickets, passes or tokens.

  13. The wallet is divided into 2 tabs, “Activated Tickets” and “Available Tickets.” The “Activated Tickets” tab shows all fares already activated at least once and not expired. The “Available Tickets” tab shows all fares not activated and not expired.
  14. The Shorelink App also includes a fare transfer feature. This should not be confused with bus transfers as this feature allows a user to transfer a purchased fare from their wallet to the wallet of another Shorelink App user. The concept of this feature is similar to buying a book of paper tickets and sharing one or more paper tickets with another person. To use this feature, navigate to the “My Tickets” Tab and click on the pink arrow to the right of the fare name. Follow the steps and all you need is the recipient’s Customer ID number or QR Code, both of which are shown at the top of the screen on the recipient’s “More” tab.
  15. When ready to board a bus or ferry, choose the “My Tickets” Tab and select “Activate Ticket”. The “ticket” reference in “Activate Ticket” is again generic and all fares whether tickets, passes or tokens must be activated in this manner.
  16. After a ticket is validated, the visual validation screen appears. It shows:
    • The fare name
    • The validity period of the ticket
    • Date of ticket activation
    • A progress bar showing elapsed and remaining time

To reduce the possibility of fraudulent use of fares by passengers, the visual validation screen also includes security and inspection tools. These include:

  • Spinning circles that change colours daily. The daily colours are generated by the app and assist the bus operator or ferry crew with verifying the validity of the fare.
  • When a user applies finger pressure to the spinning circles, they follow the user’s finger around the screen. The bus operator or ferry crew may require you to move the circles using your finger to verify the validity of the fare.

  1. The validity period of passes depends on the type of pass being used. The validity period for all other fares ranges from 30 minutes for 3 zone fares to 75 minutes for 14 zone fares. Once a fare is expired, the visual validation page displays a large red circle indicating that the fare is expired.

  2. Passengers using the Shorelink App do not require paper transfers. The validity period of an activated fare is long enough to allow for transfers. When using a transfer, in the “My Tickets” and “Activated Tickets” tab, select “validate transfer” and show the visual validation screen to the bus operator.

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